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“As a team, we assess a client’s current position, where they want to be and how to get there, in the most time efficient and cost-effective manner.”

– Charles Antoun, Founder of Company


We at Francom understand the issues which affect franchisors and franchisees are broad and diverse. Franchising is a specialised and unique area of law with several complex regulations. Our team at Francom Legal specialise in Franchising and ensure to help navigate you with ease to allow your business to grow. 

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Disputes & Litigation

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and will always work towards resolving disputes early without the need to go to Court.  We, at Francom, are commercial and aim to avoid hefty legal fees and extensive proceedings which enables us to advise on the most effective dispute resolution strategy and approach when faced with a dispute. Unfortunately, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. When that time comes, our team of experienced litigators are ready to fight hard for our clients.

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Commercial & Corporate Law

Our team brings a wide variety of experience advising both public and private clients on general corporate and commercial matters across a broad range of industries. Our team is committed to understanding your business, its complexities and issues. Thus we can create workable, efficient solutions to ensure the best outcome for your business strategy and effectiveness.

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Intellectual Property Law

We, at Francom, known Intellectual property is the heart and core of many businesses. Therefore, with the growth of online trading, social media and electronic communications business are now more than ever, relying on protecting their intellectual property. With many businesses becoming increasingly global, we are constantly researching international intellectual property legislation.

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Commercial & Retail Leasing

Buying or leasing a commercial property or retail property is a big decision and a significant matter for most people. We offer many years of experience with property law and have represented all parties for all legal matters. We advise and assist on matters associated with industrial estates, commercial buildings, residential land and shopping centres. 

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