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Nuriye Gencay

Nuriye is a Senior Solicitor in Francom Legal. Nuriye’s legal experience covers commercial and corporate law, with a strong focus on franchising and retail and commercial leasing. Nuriye deals directly with franchisors and assumes an in-house legal position for some of Australia’s leading franchise-system networks, providing end-to-end advice about franchising functions.


Nuriye joined Francom Legal at its inception and has been a valued and significant member of Francom Legal, which is why Nuriye was appointed as Head of Francom Legal. Nuriye manages most Franchise Clients and delegates amongst her team in Francom Legal. Nuriye works collaboratively with the Heads of Departments in Francom Legal. Nuriye brings a mindfulness and creativity to any Franchisor she acts for, whilst maintaining a strong commercial focus.


Nuriye’s substantial expertise and breadth of experience in Franchising enables her to provide clear franchising advice and workable solutions to suit her clients’ own unique circumstances. Having worked directly with Charles Antoun, Nuriye works collaboratively within a Franchised Network, including stakeholders and financial advisors, to ensure every Client has a comprehensive, practical, compliant and effective Franchise System. Nuriye is a highly skilled practitioner, well-respected by her Colleagues, Franchisors and other members in the legal industry.


From working with Franchisors to develop compliant and effective operations, policies and procedures, Nuriye ensures Clients are kept well informed and understand their rights and options. Nuriye’s strategic and commercially sound planning is always focused on the overall best interests of clients, giving her the inherent ability to assists Client in making decisions that take into consideration the ‘bigger picture’.


Nuriye is a key and valued member of Francom Group. As part of Francom Group, Nuriye assumes responsibility to jointly execute executive decisions across all Francom Group Entities.