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Francom Legal

The eldest of the organisations, Francom Legal is the backbone to all other entities within Francom Group. Just like all older siblings, Francom Legal is always there to be leaned on for advice, support and growth that is beyond legal advice, but, commercial advice.


Charles Antoun, the director of Francom Legal, found there was a gap in the legal industry between providing a high level of legal advice to individuals and organisations that were ‘infants’ in their field or industry. Francom Legal wants to mature with the ‘infants’ of the industry and to support established businesses to sustain their status within an industry.


Francom Legal not only strives to scale emerging brands, franchise systems or established businesses, but, aims to keep long-lasting relationships with their clients. Francom Legal provides clients with long-term solutions and advice for future circumstances. Francom Legal focusses on incorporating legal advice with commercial advice that is relevant to each clients’ circumstances. In turn, this provides clients with solutions and opportunities that exceed the legal sphere and strengthen a clients’ overall position in the long-run, while also providing effective short-term solutions. Francom Legal assess a client’s current position, where they want to be and how to get there, in the most time efficient and cost-effective manner.


Francom Legal is here for all your corporate and commercial legal needs, irrespective of your field, business or industry. No matter your size, Francom Legal provides its clients with end-to-end legal advice and support on their own personal journey.

“An organisation is only as strong as its team members.”

Francom Group

Francom Legal works hand-in-hand with its sibling entities within Francom Group. Francom Legal assists Francom Credit Solutions to retrieve corporate debt where necessary. Francom Legal assist Francom HR in advising clients of their rights and obligations within the workplace. Francom Legal assists Francom Marketing and Events with the legal requirements of advertisements and public relations. Francom Legal assists Francom Finance with its legislative requirements within the finance sector. Francom Legal assists Francom Consulting with the legal documentation required to scale an organisation. Francom Legal assists all entities to ensure compliance with all laws for all services it provides to clients.

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